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trak_star_tasha Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in the "trak_star_tasha" journal:
February 27th, 2005
07:55 pm


California, here I come!
I'm going to California! It's an early b-day present...wow! This Friday I'm going to be 17 years old!! WOOOOHOOO!

Okay, so I hear California's going to be a little overcast this week. But, hey! Maybe I'll be able to change that....hopefully..... ^^ I'm so excited! But, a little nervious as well. My brother is a gymnast and his coach's son named "....Armin....?" I can't spell it right. But he's supposed to drive us...(me and my twin), down to LA. I have talked to him...but it's so hard to carry on a conversation with this guy! Sure he's great when he's around talking to all the guys...but when it comes to girls....*Reeeeeeaaaalllyyyy quiet*. I mean, I can't just sit in the car (Not sure WHAT car), and I don't want to be tongue-tied while thinking, 'so...should I talk now??'. LOL!

I just found out this news yesterday at a dinner party...so it's kinda a last minute thing. (Kinda?? what am I talking about? It IS a last minute thing!!) I have to start packing, we leave in 2 days!!

Oh! And we are also planning to go to Disneyland! I haven't went there since I was 7 years old!! ^^ This is a great B-day present!

Bye until.....ummm...until i get a chance to write again! LOL!


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February 17th, 2005
07:59 pm


I am so HAPPY! Despite my Brother's ATTITUDE. ^^
^^ I plan to walk Bingo, Brown Sugar, and Ginger. (They look so GREAT now that they just got back from the groomers!) I felt so bad for Bingo, though. :( Right after he got his fur all fluffed and adorable...he looked at me with the saddest EYES!! 9.9 (hHe kind of looked like that!) LOL! He's much better now that he's fed and played with. He just needs a long walk. Brown Sugar looks sooooo CUTE now that her hair is out of her little face! I can just cuddle her for ever! But, she won't let me hold her that long...LOL!

I hafta get my math done...but I want to WRITE more!! *Houston glares at me*

Ya, I'll write more...

The plans for the next couple of days are simple. My mom and Ryan (my older brother who is to turn 18 on SAT.) are driving to Organ tomorrow to go to Ryan's gymnastics meat. Houston ...( My Younger brother who's 15, and has been rude to me ever since I went back into home school...and even when we were kids), my dad, and my 2 (7) and (5) year old brothers are thinking of joining them on Sat. I'm so going to miss them! (Even...maybe...Houston...if he goes, that is.) But, us girls are planning to do something special when they get back on Sunday!!

I wish Houston was nicer to me. Guy, and all that I do for him! I have no sympathy for him anymore!! Maybe when I was younger I felt bad because I thought that he always felt left out of our games...but I gave him a lot of chances. Hmm...It's kinda sad really. I love Houston as my younger brother, but I feel that he chose favorites long ago. *shrugg* Nothing I can do about that.

I hope Matt joins soon! I wonder what's taking him so long???

I have to go since Houston is complaining that I'm not doing my school work (since when did he care??) And he's saying that I'm annoying him. Which is kinda weird because I haven't even said a word to him!! Whatever.

Write later!!

I'm at the brink of being Happy and bummed, now.


Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Hmmm...Moonshadow

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February 16th, 2005
08:29 pm


^^ My day...
My day was.... GREAT! Hmmm...just thinking it over, though, let's change the 'great' down a notch. It was 'GOOD'!

First, I got up. (Well, duh. I can't walk around with my eyes closed and my mind wandering around in a dream world. Actually...maybe I am like that some days...^^Hehe. But, not today...at least...I dont' think so.) Anywho, after I got up I got ready and I had breakfast. You know what I had for breakfast? "Mini Wheats". Yep. And I'm sure that when I go up-stairs and look in the cupboard right now, they would be all gone. :( *sigh* After I ate breakfast I was supposed to do math...but I decided to do that later tonight...which was kinda stupid of me. So, I jogged around the neighborhood (This step-to-step thing is taking way too long.) So, after I did my chores, (which was to clean the mid stairs and water all the plants and to do laundry), I swear I was so darn exshausted that I crashed down on my bed and fell right to sleep! (Right after I took a hot bath, of course.) Then I got up and finished a comic book until my piano teacher showed up. (My piano lesson went pretty good considering that I didn't practice all week. BAD Tasha!!) After all that i watched a funny movie with my brothers called 'Sharktale'. I watched another movie yesterday called "White Chicks". And that was soooo funny! Stupid. But FUNNY!!

So, that was practically my day. I'm sure tomorrow would be much more exciting because I won't have to feel so sick. :P

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to go to the YMCA. I haven't went there for a whole week. :| Not good.

I'll write later!


Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Right Now? Any!!

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February 15th, 2005
03:07 pm


^^ Hmmm....What to do....???
I have things to do...but nothing to really do for myself! I think that's why I'm writing in my Live Journal.

It is so beautiful outside today!! i want to take a walk with my doggies...but, boy! I feel so lazy and tired! I just want to relax.

I wanted this to be longer...but I have to go and run the track up the hill. Crazy, huh? :) I can' turn down a run around the track! ;)

I woke a little later than usual! ^^ Yeah, I feel a wittle guilty. And, I'm still a little tired! How pathetic is that?? *sigh* The fatigue will pass...hopefully after I run a bit. (Sounds kinda weird...but that's usually how I get my energy re-energized!)

I'll try to write more tonight!


P.s. I'll talk about my Valentines day later;) C-ya!

Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: Italian Overture

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February 10th, 2005
05:59 pm


It's been a while!
Wow! I can actually write an entry in here without being interrupted or stressed about having to do something! Well, I still have to practice my piano, laundry, dust, walk the dogs, and FINISH my math homework...but I'm just going to push those aside for now and write down my thoughts. *Blank Look* Okay, I know I was going to write somethin' kinda important...

*shrug* Oh, well. I'll talk about...the weather! It was beautiful today! COLD...but beautiful! I think I missed the sunset on the water outside our window. :( Now it's all cloudy and looks forbidding.

I have been very busy this past week getting used to the home school setting once again. I have also been laying off the Bible without meaning to...and I'm kinda mad about that. But, I'm getting my planner going once again and that's sure helping out a lot!

I wonder what my cousin Matt is doing right now? I doubt he's doing his homework. He told me himself that he always plans to do the rest of his homework the day it's due. That used to be my habit as well. Still is...I think. :) I want to work on our fantasy book as well with Matthew....but the computer that we saved it on isn't here at the moment. No matter. I'll just write down my ideas on another sheet of paper until the computer returns. I hope Matt joins 'Livejournal'! I told him to join...

Hmmm.... it seems he hasn't made an account yet, though. Oh! But my twin did!! After I write this entry and going to comment on her journal entries! I have to make her a friend first.

I feel like I'm talking nonsense!!! *sigh* ^^ LOL! I felt like writing on livejournal...and I have nothing in mind to talk about! Well, there is one thing! My mom, my twin, and I are working on something really fun on the computer! Like a girl time, you know? I feel it's been a while since we spent that much time with our mother since school started! :P Crazy, huh?

I'll try to write daily.... ^^

Welcoming all comments!

P.s. I'm doing art once again and my twin and I are doing our own comics! FUN! :D


Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: Consider yourself... (Oliver..i'm learning it on the piano!)

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February 2nd, 2005
07:39 pm


I just got done sending e-mails to my friends down in Colorado and Arizona! It's so funny because each letter showed his or her personality in their writing! It's so cool... I'm glad we were all made different. I mean, if we were all just the same person...this world would be so BORING!! LOL.

Today was so beautiful! I can't believe the flowers are already blooming...the poor things It's like waking up in the middle of the night for them.

Piano lessons went great! I'm getting better at a 'Bach' piece that I'm learning. Speaking of music, I really want to start out a band! It just sounds so fun:) I already made some lyrics, now I just need to figure out a tune. I LOVE to sing!!

I hope my friends and family members had a great day today! Please don't stress about work or school. It just doesn't seem worth it to let those things get your mood scale down to a "0".

I love you all!~Tasha

Welcoming all comments.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)

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January 28th, 2005
04:04 pm


^^ just having fun...
Yep, I'm going to have fun this whole day. No school. No school. And....no school!

I was going to make this entry longer...but I want to go to Daddy's office and shop at the shops close by.

All I'm going to say is that I am having a wonderful day today. And feel relieved that test week is finally over!

I love comments! So post as much as you want.


Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: "Yellow" By: Coldplay

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January 24th, 2005
04:29 pm


School, school, SCHOOL!!!
I have tons of tests this week! All I've been hearing from my friends and the kids at my school is, "God! I can't wait until this week is over!" And, boy, do I agree with them! One of my teachers (Health) gave us a test last week on "alcohol and Drugs"! And now we're doing another test this week. I really think our teacher's goal is to give us all a 'F'. Then I have a stinken test tomorrow in English!

You would think I'm grouchy about the whole thing....nope. I was grouchy last weekend. But, now I'm just exhausted!!

My nail polish seems to be dry now. I'm going to take a little nap before studying... ^^ Bye!

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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January 23rd, 2005
04:26 pm


The Weather
Yes, i'm going to start with the weather. Just joking! In my Bio it said that I'll explain what a 'Identical Mirror Twin' is (Which is what I am). It means that my twin looks like me, but we have different features. But, when we look at each other...it's like we're looking in a mirror! She's right handed, I'm left handed. She wears her hair long, I wear mine short. We are real good friends.

I have to sign off now! C-ya!

Current Mood: curiouscurious
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